Lighthouz Group Home

Family Centered

Our homes are equipped to provide services for each individual's unique needs.The care we took is preparing the homes is evident in every room. Our clients are not our guests. They are family. Each private room is a unique personal space ready to add a touch of their personality. Allowing their light to shine thru and make it their own.The closet space was designed to eliminate clutter and safety hazards, allowing the client to get the most from their living space.

We took great pains in making our homes accessible to clients.

Wide door entrances and ramps make getting around the house easily in a wheelchair.



Our home in Orlando's central area is prepared to service your skilled medical needs without sacrificing the feeling of home.  We design each home to be practical while maintaining a warm, personal atmosphere.

We provide Residential Nursing for:

  • Children and adults with Autism

  • Visually Impaired

  • Deaf/HH

  • Oxygen Dependent

  • Behavior Focus

  • Wheel Chair Dependent

  • Bed Bound

  • Diabetic Care

  • Trach/Ventilator Dependant 

  • Enteral Feeding Dependant