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Lighthouz Property

Lighthouz Property is our company working with real estate. We fix and flip houses that are in need of revamping at affordable rates. 


Our goal is to gain financial freedom which we'll utilize to serve our community by giving back where we're needed. We aim to help stamp out homelessness and hunger! 


Our team of contractors are licensed and experienced, offering services with great discounts. They understand the assignment! This work is for The Kingdom!


We offer investment opportunities where we joint venture with individuals who would like to learn how to do what we do. Together with us, you learn the business while developing your business plan. 


We offer training and volunteer hours doing  activities like painting, clean up, and other tasks safely and effectively.


Join our team that's rebuilding our nation, one distressed property at a time!


Contact us at and let's schedule our next closing date! See you at demo day!


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